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Upcoming Sessions: Leadership Seminar & Masterclass

Taking place concurrently from 2 - 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 9, 2017, IAMC is pleased to offer the following classes in Tampa.  

 Leadership Development Seminar

Nine Hallmarks of a High Performing Team

Kristin Arnold
President and Founder of Quality Process Consultants, Inc.

The nine traits that contribute to the evolution of truly extraordinary teams.

Teamwork is an often term or mantra. But what does teamwork really look like? It is more than just holding hands and singing Kumbaya. It’s about accomplishing results quickly, effectively and collaboratively.

Kristin Arnold will share nine hallmarks for a high performing team – observable signs for when a team is firing on all cylinders. No woo-woo generalities; Kristin shares concrete, practical techniques to take your team to the next level.

Watch her video invitation.

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Sponsored by San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency

Please Note:
This session requires separate, advanced registration, and space is limited. March 24 is the last day to cancel registration and receive a refund. For assistance, contact Marlene Fish at  

College of Fellows Leadership Masterclass

THE REACTOR FACTOR: How to Respond Positively to Negative Situations at Work

Marsha Petrie Sue
Leadership & Communications Expert

Takeaways: An understanding of what you can do to achieve success in tough times and will break the negative spiral of uncertainty.

Down economy! Outsourcing! Layoffs! Gen Y! Gen X! This interactive presentation reveals valuable insights and ideas to help leaders attain a higher level of success while managing the economic and business situations in the real world.

Registration is now open to IAMC Fellows only.

Please Note: This session requires separate, advanced registration, and space is limited. March 24 is the last day to cancel registration and receive a refund. For assistance, contact Marlene Fish at  

About the IAMC Leadership Development Program


Provide high-quality training that enhances leadership skills of IAMC members to the benefit of both the member and the company they represent.


Training in four areas of leadership skill sets

Opportunities for hands-on practice/practical application of leadership skills

As an IAMC Fellow, inclusion in the resource pool for leadership opportunities within IAMC

IAMC Fellow Designation

Upon completion of the training and service requirements, IAMC members are eligible to receive the IAMC Fellow pin and certificate. Fellow graduation ceremonies are held at IAMC Spring Forums.


Training & Service Requirements

Complete five IAMC Leadership Seminars (and at least four different learning categories) within a four-year period.

Demonstrate leadership by actively giving back to IAMC through service.

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Leadership Seminars

Offered in conjunction with IAMC Professional Forums, Leadership Seminars deliver four different learning categories:
  • Individual leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • General leadership, e.g. mentoring, measuring, and enhancing understanding

To ensure equitable balance of quality training and member participation, attendance at any given IAMC Leadership Seminar should not exceed 70 people. Seminar attendance is available by first-come first-served registration to facilitate accurate tracking of individual training attendance and program completion. IAMC Fellow candidates who have already attended one or more seminars are given priority registration. After attending one seminar, IAMC Fellow candidate attendance is tracked until the candidate completes five seminars within a four-year period.

For more information, contact Rya Hazelwood »

Become an IAMC Fellow

"The Leadership Development Program through IAMC was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. The seminars provided many useful tips and tools which not only helped me hone my leadership skills but also facilitated greater involvement in IAMC and its leadership track. I continue to use the skills I attained through the Leadership Program on a daily basis, and I'm proud to be an IAMC Fellow and director on the IAMC Board."
Ken Hagaman
Anixter Inc.
Member since 2005

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