IAMC’s Leadership Development Program provides high-quality training that enhances personal and professional leadership skills. Graduates of the program are conferred IAMC Fellows and are recognized as proven leaders who contribute to IAMC and their professions in significant ways.

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Fall 2022 Leadership Seminar

Sunday, October 23, 2022 - in Conjunction with the Fall Forum in Detroit, Michigan.

MarciaReynolds - 300

Transformational Conversations: How to Quickly Connect, Influence and Uplift

Marcia Reynolds, Psy,D., MCC
Executive Coach

One of the common challenges leaders face is getting people to the root of what is keeping them from achieving their goals. Telling people what they should do often won’t change their minds. Even if they try what you suggest, they return to old behavior as soon as their attempts to change feel awkward. Offering rewards for change also does not produce long-term results.

The most powerful way to transform the way someone thinks is to use reflective statements and questions  a coaching approach – to shift and broaden their perspective. Listening, reflecting their beliefs and fears, and then asking questions that make them consider the sources and gaps in their thinking lead to positive and permanent behavioral change. People walk away from even difficult conversations feeling more confident and inspired.

Designed as a highly interactive learning experience, this program will provide new approaches to creating breakthrough thinking in performance and development conversations. Participants will walk away with practical skills about how to help others think more broadly for themselves.

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“The Leadership Development Program through IAMC was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. The seminars provided many useful tips and tools which not only helped me hone my leadership skills but also facilitated greater involvement in IAMC and its leadership track. I continue to use the skills I attained through the Leadership Program on a daily basis, and I’m proud to be an IAMC Fellow and director on the IAMC Board.”

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