Transitioning Against a Shifting Global Landscape: IAMC’s London Forum

by John Salustri

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“The global industrial market is pivoting to a new era of growth and prosperity, but not without potential hurdles along the way.” So says IAMC President J. Tate Godfrey, CEcD. “As the voice of the industry, we see our responsibility as helping members to foresee and strategize around those hurdles.”

It’s appropriate then, he says, that the upcoming IAMC London Forum (October 20-22) carries the theme: Corporate Real Estate Transitions: Weathering the Storms. “More than ever, success is defined as leadership and vision,” he states.

THE BIG FIVE: My Major Post-Pandemic Issues

by John Salustri

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In this new monthly series, IAMC explores the critical issues members are facing. The question this month is: What Are Your Biggest Challenges Coming Out of the Pandemic? Melbourne-based Gabrielle Woolley, Global Real Estate Director for Cummins Inc., breaks the issues down for us. Of course, there are no standalone answers, and Woolley indicates the interconnectedness of each of the issues. 

IAMC Member Spotlight: Alan Darner, Kellogg Company

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As an organization, IAMC fosters relationships that turn into both business partnerships and long-term friendships. The path to corporate real estate varies widely, and our members come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds.

We thank Alan Darner, Director of Global Real Estate & Facilities North America, Kellogg Company, for sharing his!

UN-HACKABLE: Announcing Fall Forum Speaker John Sileo, Cybersecurity Expert

By Rya Waterford, IAMC Director of Markeitng & Conference Programs

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According to IAMC Fall Forum Keynote Speaker John Sileo: “Post-Pandemic cybercrime changed the game. Cybercriminals will hack $6 Trillion from organizations that fail to defend their data fortress, remote workforce, cloud computing and mostly, their people.”

Are you prepared?


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