IAMC is the leading professional association for corporate real estate executives focused on the needs of an industrial portfolio. IAMC is a relationship builder and resource for professional development, industry strategies and best practices. In short, IAMC provides its members with year-round opportunities and offerings to help impact the bottom line.


Enhance your network

IAMC places a major focus on professional development of all members, providing three major conferences a year, programs focused on core corporate real estate practice areas, and professional resources including industry groups and leadership development programs.

Broaden your knowledge

IAMC events are held through-out the year in major markets worldwide. These events offer attendees the opportunity to connect with leaders in corpo-rate real estate while discussing industry-relevant issues. Even if a member is not able to attend an event, IAMC provides online resources and session summaries to keep members up to date. IAMC is dedicated to supporting its members in their professional pursuits by providing Members Only resources.

Create value for your company

With a focus on targeted training and facilitating meaningful knowledge sharing, IAMC develops and offers their members various resources. Providing access to anything from white papers and research reports to customized issue resolution and advisory services, IAMC is your best resource for cutting- edge trends in corporate real estate.



From IAMC’s role as a leading resource for industry news, insights and best practices, to offering premiere networking and professional development opportunities, IAMC provides the platform for industrial real estate professionals to grow. IAMC members enjoy exclusive access to a wealth of resources, specifically focused on industrial and manufacturing real estate, including:









You may qualify for corporate end user membership, including exclusive programming and discounts and special offers on membership and event registration.

IAMC also offers membership categories for economic developers and service providers, including opportunities to increase your visibility to corporate real estate decision makers.

For more information on joining contact Michele Miller at 1.770.325.3420 or michele.miller@iamc.org.