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IAMC Solutions Center

As the leader in industrial real estate, the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) welcomes you to the IAMC Solutions Center. A benefit available exclusively to IAMC members, the IAMC Solutions Center is a customized issue resolution and advisory service built around the expertise of our own membership.

The IAMC Solutions Center offers several ways to tap into the collective knowledge of IAMC’s more than 200 seasoned Corporate Real Estate peers from around the globe. Chances are that few issues or challenges will come up that someone in this incredible network of industrial real estate professionals has not already successfully dealt with or answered in their career.

Flash Calls

A unique benefit available exclusively to IAMC Active (Corporate Real Estate End User) members, activating a Flash Call is one of the fastest ways to engage the IAMC network. When the need arises, any Active member may contact IAMC Staff, who in turn will call upon IAMC's network of senior-level corporate real estate professionals and set up a customized response call specifically to help you find the solutions you need.

This special service puts IAMC’s wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. For more information on how to participate in or activate a Flash Call, contact Joel Parker at 770-325-3484.

Peer-to-Peer Mentorship

At its core, IAMC is a relationship builder and a platform for world-class knowledge sharing. IAMC's peer-to-peer mentorship program creates an opportunity for collaboration between real estate executives at any stage in their career.

Gain valuable insights and build a relationship with a fellow IAMC member while covering a range of mutually interesting topics, from career and business practices to hobbies and more.

For more information or to get involved, contact Joel Parker at 770-325-3484.

LinkedIn Discussion Group

Available to IAMC members only, the IAMC Group on LinkedIn gives all members the opportunity to both post and respond to questions and other discussion items in real time.

More than 400 corporate real estate executives, economic developer and service provider members are currently engaged in IAMC's LinkedIn group. To join the ongoing discussion, click here or visit and search groups for “Industrial Asset Management Council.”

Member Directory

IAMC boasts a network of more than 600 seasoned professionals in corporate real estate, economic development and supporting fields. Members can search the directory by a variety of criteria to find an IAMC colleague who may be uniquely qualified to answer a question or meet a need. Criteria include:
  • Industry
  • Company
  • Member type
  • Geographic location
  • Area of expertise

To access the member directory, sign in to and choose Member Directory from the Membership dropdown.

New & Noteworthy

Check back often for news and updates.

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IAMC International Birmingham, UK 03/21/1803/22/18
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IAMC International Monterrey, Mexico 04/18/1804/19/18
Spring 2018 Professional Forum Savannah, GA - Registration 05/5/1805/9/18
IAMC Local Kohler 05/23/1805/23/18
IAMC Local Kohler Golf Outing 05/24/1805/24/18
IAMC Local Philadelphia/New Jersey 06/26/1806/26/18
IAMC Local Atlanta 07/24/1807/24/18
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