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Spring 2019 Leadership Development Seminar - Corporates (AC)
May 5, 2019
Location Not Available

Leadership Development Seminar


Dr. Relly Nadler


Teamwork is an Unnatural Act:
Are Your Teams and Organization Dumbed Down?

Dr. Relly Nadler, Psy.D., MCC 
Founder of True North Leadership, Inc.

Teamwork is very popular today in organizations, but it is an “unnatural act” that takes a strategy, discipline and practice. Most organizations talk about teamwork and put a group of workers together and say, “you are a team now.” Duly formed the team is marched out onto the field and usually fails for predictable reasons. In this engaging session you will learn via discussion, experiences and deep reflection:

  • Why teams and executive fail?
  • How such smart people get dumber when put together in a team?
  • What are the critical incidents that each team leader must master?
  • To overcome what is unnatural yet necessary to have a high performing team.
  • What are the best practices of top teams?
  • Team tools to form your team, assess your team and enhance your team performance.
  • Resources to create and sustain high performing teams.

Please Note: This session requires separate, advanced registration. For assistance, contact Marlene Fish at marlene.fish@iamc.org.