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Fall 2019 Leadership Development Seminar - Corporates (AC)
September 15, 2019
Location Not Available


James Robbins


9 Minutes on Monday: The Easy Way to Turn Managers into Leaders

James Robbins 
Author of Nine Minutes on Monday: The Quick and Easy Way to Go From Manager to Leader

The number one reason why managers fail to increase productivity, and get the best out of their people is they neglect to keep their leadership priorities in front of them. In today’s environment it’s easy to become task focused, leaving work teams that are over-managed, under-led, and operating below their true potential. When managers keep their leadership priorities in front of them however, extraordinary things happen.

Nine Minutes on Monday is the simple system that helps busy managers raise productivity, boost morale, and increase employee engagement. By combining practical training in management best practices with a simple system of execution, your managers will never neglect the people side of your business again. No matter how busy your managers are, Nine Minutes on Monday will ensure your staff are motivated, inspired, and equipped to bring their best to work each day.

Sponsorship opportunity available. Contact Kristen Hamel at kristen.hamel@iamc.org.

Please Note: This session requires separate, advanced registration which will open August 21, and space is limited. For assistance, contact Marlene Fish at marlene.fish@iamc.org.