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Webinar: Corporate Roundtable (August)
August 1, 2023
Location Not Available

Corporate Only Roundtable
Please join your fellow IAMC members in a discussion around the following topics.

The ESG Stumbling Block

  • Municipalities around the nation are imposing strict carbon reduction goals. But they offer little in the way of guidance to help the industry achieve those goals. What is your corporation’s approach to making real estate less carbon-reliant? 
  • Are regulatory/municipal goals unrealistic? 
  • Is it easier in your office environment to enact carbon reduction protocols than in your industrial portfolio

Space Planning 

  • In a landlord’s market, how do you determine when it’s better to maximize the use of current holdings rather than leasing (or buying) new?
  • How has the economic slowdown/banking crisis impacted your strategies? 
  • Where will your portfolio be in a year, and how if at all will the buy/lease strategy change? 
  • What goes into your consideration of new-market expansion?