IAMC’s goal is to be the preferred professional organization for your corporate/industrial real estate needs. Our strengths in relationship building and knowledge sharing are supported by a unique membership structure designed to meet the needs of the industrial real estate professional.

"I now understand the value that IAMC delivers by bringing together
real estate professionals with global responsibilities."
- Martin Gerke
Transaction Management
Siemens AG

What International Membership Can Offer You

  • The opportunity to work with international corporate real estate organizations.
  • Sharing of the best practices throughout Real estate and workplace-driven businesses strategies from around the world.
  • Educational programs which provide real-time answers to immediate questions or data needs.
  • Value based networking at the U.S.A. Forum and at all International driven events.
  • The opportunity to recruit new Active-type members to IAMC.
  • The opportunity for more engagement within your local and international community.
  • Commitment to relationships and relationship building at an international level.
  • Access to IAMC resources, including the IAMC Solutions Center


Upcoming Events

IAMC International regularly hosts events in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Visit the calendar to view upcoming events. Learn more or to register.

Get Involved

In addition to attending international events, there are several ways you can participate in IAMC International: