IAMC’s Leadership Development Program provides high-quality training that enhances personal and professional leadership skills. Graduates of the program are conferred IAMC Fellows and are recognized as proven leaders who contribute to IAMC and their professions in significant ways.

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Leadership Development Webinar

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 from 1-2:30 p.m. ET

Michelle Rozen2 - 300 

Leading Forward through Change

Dr. Michelle Rozen 
America's Leading Expert on Dealing with Change

Motivation and purpose are the key to performance. But how does motivation actually work in the human mind? What can we do to keep ourselves and others motivated through challenge and change? Is there a secret to helping others stay focused and engaged? The answer is Top cutting edge scientific knowledge paired with practical, real-life applications, delivered in a light, engaging and humor based atmosphere.

In this experience, Michelle will share the best kept secrets and most powerful strategies for increasing motivation and leading ourselves and others toward peak performance.

You will not only go through an entertaining and captivating experience but will leave with real, science-based tools and practical strategies that will completely transform the way you operate on a daily basis. You’ll:

  • Master the 0-10 Rule for identifying your goals
  • Learn to identify and crush potential obstacles to growth and success
  • Master the GROW model for powerful growth through obstacles and challenges
  • Gain powerful insights into the dynamics of purpose, motivation and growth in the workplace and in our personal lives
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Sponsorship opportunity available. Contact Kristen Stewart at kristen.stewart@iamc.org. 

Fall 2021 Leadership Seminar

Sunday, October 3, 2021 - in Conjunction with the Fall 2021 Forum in Kansas City, Missouri.

PaulSeanHill - 300

Leadership from the Mission Control Room to the Boardroom

Paul Sean Hill
25 Year Veteran of NASA’s Iconic Mission Control

After more than fifty years, flying people into space atop millions of pounds of fire is still a tough and scary business. The key to NASA’s Mission Control legacy of brilliant performance is a particular brand of leadership at all levels.

This workshop will cover the detailed characteristics that are linked to strong technical performance during the scarier moments of human spaceflight. More importantly, you will learn their direct connection to performance, leadership development, management practices, and strategic change in any business.

Sponsorship opportunity available. Contact Kristen Stewart at kristen.stewart@iamc.org

Please Note: This session requires separate, advanced registration which will open in September 2021. For assistance, contact Marlene Fish at marlene.fish@iamc.org.  



“The Leadership Development Program through IAMC was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. The seminars provided many useful tips and tools which not only helped me hone my leadership skills but also facilitated greater involvement in IAMC and its leadership track. I continue to use the skills I attained through the Leadership Program on a daily basis, and I’m proud to be an IAMC Fellow and director on the IAMC Board.”

Ken Hagaman
Anixter Inc.
Member since 2005