Unlocking Success through Collaboration
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Unlocking Success through Collaboration

By Mark Nortman, Director of Member Engagement

Are you looking for someone to connect and collaborate with? IAMC is proud to announce our Partnership Program. It is designed to be a peer-to-peer mentorship program without the senior to junior relationship of a traditional mentorship program.

The goal of the program is to create an opportunity for pairs of IAMC members to regularly speak in order to build a new relationship and improve one another’s business expertise. Take a moment to focus on the “Important” instead of the “Urgent” for the betterment of career and personal development. Share knowledge and sharpen an area of weakness, or further improve an area of strength, with another experienced professional at IAMC.

You will be paired with a fellow IAMC Member who has the skillsets or experience in which one is looking to improve. Each pair will be responsible for selecting and identifying content for discussion as well as mutually agreeing on time and format of calls. Participants will benefit from:

  • Developing a trusted confidant
  • Having an independent sounding board outside of one’s organization
  • Developing a new expertise by learning from an experienced peer
  • Forcing oneself to step back from the daily grind for one hour a month to speak with a peer for self-betterment and/or assist someone with the betterment of their career

Interested in joining the IAMC Partnership Program? Please click here or contact Mark Nortman at mark.nortman@iamc.org.

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