Back to Basics: 4 Opportunities for Industrial Real Estate Amid Coronavirus Spread

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Because of the global spread of COVID-19, companies everywhere are facing an uncertain future. Coronavirus is hitting every industry in different ways, and it’s still too early to tell exactly what the long-term effects this virus will have on the economy going forward. The industrial real market is facing a particularly big obstacle as the development projects dry up. While it may feel like a dry period for the industrial real estate market, there are ways to navigate these uncertain times.

Back to Basics: How Coronavirus is Affecting Industrial Real Estate

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Real estate throughout the country is taking a huge hit as COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe. While we won’t fully know how deeply coronavirus will impact the industrial real estate market yet, there are small glimpses to how the demand for industrial real estate might change going forward. The spread of this virus is certainly an immediate, and hopefully short-term, threat to human and economic health, but there may be a long-term opportunity for the industrial real estate space to experience a period of growth.

Back to Basics: 5 Benefits to Joining a Professional Association

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With the number of responsibilities that we juggle on a day-to-day basis, it’s likely safe to assume that joining a professional member-based organization is fairly low on the priority list. It might even be hard to imagine that anyone would voluntarily sit through more meetings and activities after a full day of meetings at work. But the reality is that joining a professional organization will provide an invaluable wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities that you are otherwise missing out on.