Leaner, Faster, Stronger:
What's Next for Industrial Real Estate

Quebec City, Canada
September 14-18, 2024

Program Highlights

With a focus on core corporate real estate business practice areas, IAMC programming blends targeted professional development with world-class knowledge sharing.



Attention Corporate Members

Make plans to attend the special corporate-member-only sessions Sunday afternoon onsite including Corporate Roundtable and Interest Groups: Distribution; Business Impacts; Portfolio Management; or Manufacturing.

To participate, you may have to arrive on Saturday.


Workshops & Knowledge Sharing

With a focus on core corporate real estate business practice areas, workshop sessions blend targeted professional development with world-class knowledge sharing. Join us for: 

  • IAMC Info Exchange, table discussions between corporates, economic developers and service providers
  • Peer-to-Peer sessions, including a corporate member-only facilitated discussion
  • And, Get Some Help, a moderated and interactive member-to-member Q&A

Additionally, programs covering the following core CRE topics are actively being planned: C-Suite issues; Construction Management; Facilities Management; Global Operations; Lease Administration; Outsourcing Models and Strategies; Site Selection; Surplus Property Disposition; Technology Applications; and Transactions Management.


Keynote speakers will tie it all together inspiring and informing with big pictures views.

Opening Keynote Address

Taking On Your Own Moonshot

Gregory-Robinson - 300

Gregory Robinson
TIME100 Pioneer 2022, 33-Year Veteran of NASA, Former Director, James Webb Space Telescope, Columbia University Faculty

Are you looking to inspire your organization to reach for the stars, conquer a huge challenge, or simply see the value of teamwork, open communication and innovative thinking? Let NASA veteran Gregory Robinson guide you on a journey to the far reaches of space and limitless human potential, going behind-the-scenes at NASA against a backdrop of awe-inspiring photos from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Sharing the story of how he led a team that transformed a failing program into one of humankind’s greatest achievements, Robinson provides universal lessons on overcoming challenges, building trust and collaboration, enhancing communication and more.


Tuesday Morning Keynote Address

Geopolitical Risk: Emerging Trends & Hot Spots

Willis Sparks - 300

Willis Sparks
Director of Global Macro of Eurasia Group, U.S. Electoral Politics/Geopolitical Risk Management Expert

Join Willis Sparks as he outlines why global investors and business leaders must understand the national, regional, and global political trends that will create both the next wave of opportunities and new generation of risks that will define their operating environments for years to come. With vivid illustrations drawn from today’s headlines and tomorrow’s forecasts, Sparks details how and why politics and political interests will play an ever-larger role in market outcomes around the world.


Closing Keynote Address

Turbulence Tough Teams

Ryan Campbell - 300

Ryan Campbell
Youngest Solo Pilot to Circumnavigate the Globe, One of Australia's 50 Great Explorers, Plane Crash Survivor, Incomplete Paraplegic, and Best-Selling Author

Using today’s turbulence to help tackle tomorrow’s storms … Resilience is our ability to endure, bounce back, and most importantly, be better because of our experiences.

Join Ryan on a journey of understanding, accepting, and developing the ownership required to use adversity to fuel performance. From tales of real-life 60,000-foot thunderstorms over the Pacific Ocean to five months in hospital and eighteen months in spinal rehabilitation, Ryan shares his toolbox approach to analyzing, extracting, and storing tools from everyday moments.

As a result of this program, you will:

  • Understand the nature and role of resilience
  • Learn Ryan’s process for analyzing, extracting, and storing turbulence-tackling tools
  • Reframe adversity from burden to opportunity
  • Build self-confidence in both achieving and overcoming