Celebrating the Past:
Embracing the Future

Detroit, Michigan 
22-26 October 2022



Celebrating the Past - Embracing the Future

The great American manufacturing renaissance is upon us, and the spotlight has never been brighter on industrial real estate. Supply chain is in the headlines, e-commerce has been vaulted several years ahead in the face of a global pandemic, global location hot spots are shifting, workforce is more competitive than ever, and warehousing space is at a premium.

From emerging technologies and the global economy to logistics vulnerabilities and the increasing demands on distribution, how are you adapting to the ever-changing new normal?

Join IAMC for its 20th Anniversary Forum in Detroit, Michigan – a city that has gone through its own renaissance unlike any other region – where we will explore current trends and best practices across: supply chain & logistics, labor issues, the broadened demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR), and more.

Fall 2022 will bring together a grand celebration of our history, a look ahead at our future and an exploration of the renaissance of Industrial Real Estate. Commercial real estate has never been more important to a company’s strategy and bottom line …you can’t afford to miss this landmark event. Register today!

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