and the Age of Connectivity

Savannah, Georgia | 5-9 May 2018

Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

Program Highlights


With a focus on core corporate real estate business practice areas, IAMC programming blends targeted professional development with world-class knowledge sharing.




Attention Active Members

Actives - 300

Make plans to attend the special Active-member-only sessions the morning of Sunday, May 6, including Research Roundtable and Industry Groups: Distribution; Food Processing; Health & Science; or Manufacturing.

To participate, you may have to arrive on Saturday.

Workshops & Knowledge Sharing

Workshops - 300

With a focus on core corporate real estate business practice areas, workshop sessions blend targeted professional development with world-class knowledge sharing. Join us in Savannah for:

  • IAMC Info Exchange, table discussions between corporates, economic developers and service providers
  • Peer-to-Peer sessions, including a corporate active member-only facilitated discussion
  • Career Paths within a Corporate Real Estate Environment
  • Making Life Easier with Technology


Keynote speakers will tie it all together inspiring and informing with big pictures views of trends in both economic and business climates and the ongoing manufacturing renaissance.

Opening Keynote Speaker
The Leading Edge: Lessons in Partnership


Speaker Carey Lohrenz


Carey Lohrenz
The U.S. Navy’s First Female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot

Takeaways: Be inspired while gleaning bottom-line takeaways on relevancy, strategic alliances and leadership.

Just like in aviation, in a rapidly changing global environment Speed is Life. Collaboration is critical to business success and managing successful strategic partnerships is crucial. Competitive advantage is gained when your organization can optimize partnerships and strategic alliances. Deeper relationships with partners can be the key to long term success and growth.

In this inspiring and engaging keynote, Carey Lohrenz shares what it is takes to be on the Leading Edge. Those things that helped her succeed as an F-14 fighter pilot in one of the most extreme environments on earth can help elevate your team, gain advantage and uncover opportunities.

Sponsored by Colliers International, Cushman & Wakefield and San Bernardino Co. Econ. Dev. Agency

Tuesday Morning Keynote
Powers of Yesterday, Powers of Tomorrow


Speaker Peter Zeihan

Peter Zeihan
Founder, Zeihan on Geopolitics

Takeaways: A geopolitical update and forecast from an IAMC favorite.

Americans believe that their greatest days are behind them and that a series of new powers is rising up to displace them. On the contrary, America’s best days — militarily, economically, financially and culturally — are still ahead of them. In fact, many of the states that the Americans feel are up-and-comers — most notably China, Russia and India — are merely experiencing a historical moment in the sun courtesy of factors utterly beyond their control. Most of the powers of tomorrow are countries that the Americans either have very little knowledge of. The major powers of 2030 will not be based in Beijing or Moscow, but in Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Istanbul and Mexico City.

Join IAMC favorite Peter Zeihan for an update on the current state of geopolitics and what you need to know to thrive.

Monday Afternoon Keynote
Authentic Leadership: Unlocking the Power of Differences in Organizations


Speaker Ritu Bhasin


Ritu Bhasin
Author of The Authenticity Principle

Takeaways: Practical tools for how to build a more engaged, empowered and inclusive workforce.

Today’s leaders find themselves in the hot seat. Top talent is more diverse than ever, across many identities—gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, personality type and more—and there is a growing demand for leaders who can attract and retain professionals across this dramatically shifting pool. But in a society where sameness and conformity is overwhelmingly favored in work cultures, how can leaders do this effectively?

For leadership and inclusion expert Ritu Bhasin, it comes down to one thing: authentic leadership. How can we bring more of our authentic selves to how we lead in order to create an environment where others can do the same? In this dynamic keynote, Bhasin boldly declares authentic leadership to be the antidote to exclusionary work cultures, and shares practical tools for how to build more engaged, empowered, and inclusive environments.

Sponsored by McCallum Sweeney Consulting, Inc.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Wednesday’s Closing Speaker
How to Exploit Democracy


Speaker Laura Galante

Laura Galante
Former Director of Global Intelligence, FireEye

Takeaways: An analysis of how states use cyberspace: a domain where militaries, intelligence services, criminal groups and individuals pursue their interests with far fewer restraints than in the physical world.

Hacking, fake news, information bubbles ... all these and more have become part of the vernacular in recent years. But as cyberspace analyst Laura Galante describes in this alarming talk, the real target of anyone looking to influence geopolitics is dastardly simple: it's you.

Sponsored by Tri-City Development Council, Washington State Department of Commerce