in Corporate Real Estate

Santa Barbara, California 
4-8 May 2019

Program Highlights


With a focus on core corporate real estate business practice areas, IAMC programming blends targeted professional development with world-class knowledge sharing.





Attention Corporate Members


Make plans to attend the special corporate-member-only sessions starting at 12:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 5, including Research Roundtable and Interest Groups: Distribution; Business Impacts; Portfolio Management; or Manufacturing.


To participate, you may have to arrive on Saturday.



Workshops & Knowledge Sharing

With a focus on core corporate real estate business practice areas, workshop sessions blend targeted professional development with world-class knowledge sharing. Join us for:

  • IAMC Info Exchange, table discussions between corporates, economic developers and service providers
  • Peer-to-Peer sessions, including a corporate active member-only facilitated discussion
  • And, Get Some Help, a moderated and interactive member-to-member Q&A

Additionally, programs covering the following core CRE topics are actively being planned: C-Suite issues; Construction Management; Facilities Management; Global Operations; Lease Administration; Outsourcing Models and Strategies; Site Selection; Surplus Property Disposition; Technology Applications; and Transactions Management.



Keynote speakers will tie it all together inspiring and informing with big pictures views of trends in both economic and business climates and the ongoing manufacturing renaissance.

Opening Keynote Address

A Beachside Chat with Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes

Peter Zeihan
Founder, Zeihan on Geopolitics

Keynote Speaker:
Steve Forbes
Editor-in-Chief, Forbes

In this unique and rare moderated session, Steve Forbes will share insights on finance, business, our economy and his experience with leadership.



Tuesday Morning Keynote Address

America on the Edge

Peter Zeihan

Peter Zeihan
Founder, Zeihan on Geopolitics

The world as we know it is ending. Global trade and everything that comes from it — cheap Asian goods, international energy markets, global agriculture, stable finance — is about to unravel. Out of all this the Americans — cast in both the role of disruptor and survivor — are making decisions that will shape both themselves and the rest of the world for decades. Get a sneak peek at the future of energy, agriculture, finance, and the role America will play in the world to come.


Monday Afternoon Keynote Address

Commercial Real Estate: Current Trends and Likely Future Directions

JLL AEC Headshot - 001 - 330

Greg O’Brien
Chief Executive Officer of the Americas, JLL

The long-term outlook for commercial real estate is as strong as it’s ever been, but the pace of change is accelerating. Consider the digital disruptions caused by the internet, online marketing and AI computing. Capital markets see new growing opportunities for financing and owning space. Investors, builders and end-users can all benefit. But to do so, they must catch up and keep up with the industry’s new landscape and rules.


Closing Keynote Address

Lessons Learned from NASA and SpaceX

MDr. Garrett Reisman

Dr. Garrett Reisman
Director of Space Operations at SpaceX, Retired Astronaut

Drawing upon his multiple Space Shuttle and Space Station missions as a NASA astronaut and his over seven years working for Elon Musk as an executive at SpaceX, Dr. Garrett Reisman will share his lessons learned regarding inspiration, determination, vision, and innovation. Astronaut Reisman has the distinction of being a key player in both the traditional NASA space program and the rapidly expanding commercial space flight industry. Using illuminating and humorous personal stories and an engaging multimedia presentation about both spaceflight past and future, Dr. Reisman will leave you with useful gems of wisdom while keeping you thoroughly entertained.