I’m not sure who is getting more benefit from this mentoring relationship.  The topics we’ve discussed have been broad and I feel very fulfilled with this mentor role. This has been a tremendous opportunity to give back to a fellow IAMC member in the form of advice and I’d do it again.
Mentorship Pilot Program Participant


Create an opportunity for knowledge sharing between real estate executives (mentors) and future leaders of the industry (mentees).


Gain valuable insights and benefits by participating in a unique and special relationship with a fellow IAMC member.

Cover a range of topics that are of interest to both the mentor and the mentee, including careers, business practices, interpersonal relations, even hobbies and more.

Get Involved

For both those who are interested in being a mentee and those interested in being a mentor, please update your member profile on iamc.org and complete a Mentorship Program Application.

For more information or to get involved, contact Gabrielle Nicolini at gabrielle.nicolini@iamc.org.