IAMC Member Spotlight: Matt Boehlke Director, Real Estate Services, Xcel Energy

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As an organization, IAMC fosters relationships that turn into both business partnerships and long-term friendships. The path to corporate real estate varies widely, and our members come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds.

We thank Matt Boehlke, Director of Real Estate Services, Xcel Energy for sharing his!

Local Network, Local Learnings

By Mark Nortman, Director of Member Engagement

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Looking for opportunities to connect and both build relationships and share knowledge between our Forums?  IAMC hosts 6-7 events a year in major North American cities.  These half day events have provided sessions on topics ranging from Best Practices for Capex Approvals to Viewing Negotiations from Both the Tenant and Landlord Perspective. 

Scott Cameron’s Big 5 Plans for His IAMC Chairmanship

By John Salustri

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What better way to kick off another year of Big 5 reports than with IAMC Chair Scott Cameron’s plans for his term. The Sonoco global real estate manager clearly sees his role as forwarding the goals of the Council’s strategic plan, and the resultant agenda is intended to move the ball closer to the finish line. 

The Big Five: Opportunities for 2022

By John Salustri

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We’ve all heard it before: With every challenge comes opportunity. Appropriately then, IAMC member Marcus Rose, real estate manager for NFI Industries in Camden, NJ, sees 2022 as a time of opportunity. Of course, challenges will remain. But as you will read in Rose’s Big Five, turning these challenges into opportunity will take patience, perseverance and planning.