How Real Estate Execs Are Coping Under FASB Reporting Changes

by John Salustri

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Back in 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board promised to “upgrade” (to use its term) lease reporting standards, with the goal to “improve financial reporting about leasing transactions, and in so doing gain greater transparency for investors and other stakeholders.” IAMC members report that the upgrades did the trick, and transparency to investors has improved.

IAMC Member Spotlight: Kristin Cahayla-Hoffman, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

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As an organization, IAMC fosters relationships that turn into both business partnerships and long-term friendships. The path to corporate real estate varies widely, and our members come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds.

We thank Kristin Cahayla-Hoffman, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., for sharing hers!

Back to Basics: 5 Benefits to Joining a Professional Association

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With the number of responsibilities that we juggle on a day-to-day basis, it’s likely safe to assume that joining a professional member-based organization is fairly low on the priority list. It might even be hard to imagine that anyone would voluntarily sit through more meetings and activities after a full day of meetings at work. But the reality is that joining a professional organization will provide an invaluable wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities that you are otherwise missing out on.