The BIG FIVE: Must-Haves for Successful Sustainability

By John Salustri

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The expectation for environmental, social and governance (ESG) protocols has gained some teeth. An increasing number of institutional investors and operators are being judged by the rating agencies based on their performance in all areas of sustainability. So today, more than ever, a commitment to ESG has to be more than flowery words on a corporate website. 

With that in mind, Robert Kontur, director of Real Estate Operations for EnerSys in Reading, PA, shares his thoughts on what IAMC corporate peers need in order to create and maintain a sustainability program that produces results. 

A Peek into the Shifting Leasing Landscape

By John Salustri

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The leasing landscape is changing. Not so much in the transaction itself as much as what comes after (in the reporting) and, as a result, what comes before (in the preparation to remain in compliance). For the majority of industrial assets, the triple net deal is still the industry darling. How we report those deals, however, is now transitioning, thanks to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). And that implies a new measure of caution in how we approach certain deals and how they turn up on our books. We’ll get back to that shortly. 

Intellectual Acupuncture, Perseverance, and a View from the Top

By Rya Waterford, Director of Marketing & Conference Programs

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