Back to Basics: 4 Opportunities for Industrial Real Estate Amid Coronavirus Spread

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Because of the global spread of COVID-19, companies everywhere are facing an uncertain future. Coronavirus is hitting every industry in different ways, and it’s still too early to tell exactly what the long-term effects this virus will have on the economy going forward. The industrial real market is facing a particularly big obstacle as the development projects dry up. While it may feel like a dry period for the industrial real estate market, there are ways to navigate these uncertain times.

IAMC Members on the Front Line of COVID Supply-Chain Solutions

by John Salustri

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Arguably, the most visible sign of what President Trump calls this “invisible enemy” of COVID-19 is the rows of empty store shelves. What most consumers can’t see for all the missing bathroom tissue and white bread is the strain those shelves are putting on the supply chain. But corporate real estate managers, IAMC’s membership, see it, and they’re on the front lines of addressing the new--and hopefully temporary--normal.